Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PHOTO 60 - VILLAMAGNA TOWN CEMETERY - Villamagna, Chieti, Italy

Staying in Italy, here are some graves I photographed in my ancestral town cemetery in 2008. The grave in the front of the picture is one of the most personal I have ever seen, complete with a glass case with articles paying tribute to the young man who is buried in the grave. My cousin who showed me the cemetery told me that the man buried here was a friend of his and was killed in a motorcycle accident in the prime of his life. Obviously, relatives and friends visit this grave frequently. I will feature this cemetery several more times as the graves are so neat and very personal.


  1. That is a great story & photo, of interest to me because Villamagna is my ancestral village too. My maiden name is deCerchio; I've done extensive research on my family history & remember coming across the DelCollo name a few times in my research. When I went to Villamagna I visited the cemetery but don't recall that it looked like this. Is there more than one? Cheers, Barbara

  2. Hi Barbara. I remember you and we have corresponded over the years about Villamagna and Italian research. This is the only cemetery but there are different sections. I will post more pics as the days go by. Ciao, Jonathan