Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CRYPT OF JOHN GOTTI - St. John Cemetery, Middle Village, NY

One of the strangest feelings I ever got while taking cemetery and mausoleum pics is when I visited a 6-floor mausoleum located in St. John Cemetery in Middle Village, Queens, NY. I was on a mission to photograph the tomb of the "Dapper Don," John Gotti, probably one of the most famous mob bosses of all time. I knew he was in the mausoleum, but with a building of 6 floors, each floor the length of a football field with about 20 small atriums off shooting the long corridors, it would have taken me all day to find the crypt. So, with camera in hand I asked a man who was not a cemetery employee if he knew where the crypt was. He shrugged, looked me straight in the eye and said, "I do not know what you are talking about, buddy," and walked away. Some other people who were nearby saw and heard our brief exchange of words and walked away from me about the same time as I was going to ask them if they knew where Gotti was. Not to be deterred, I wandered around the mausoleum for a short while until I came upon a cemetery employee. I asked him where Gotti was interred. He looked around from side to side, and then waved me into a small atrium and quickly said, "He is upstairs, on the ___ level." Thanking him I quickly went up to the floor and found the crypt after some very strange looks from a lot of people who were visiting their beloved dead that day. When I started taking photographs, the looks from the people got even more intense and I actually felt for a short time that I might be asked to leave or, even worse, "escorted" out. The crypt is located on an immaculately decorated floor of the mausoleum. The floor is carpeted, with fancy lamps and very comfortable chairs and sofas, along with private chapels. The crypt fronts are wood and very ritzy. I actually felt like a stranger in some body's home when I was there - almost like I was trespassing! I really was anxious the whole time I was there and was very, very uneasy as I took the pictures. As soon as I got the pictures, I quickly walked out and got out of that cemetery as fast as possible. I really felt anxious the whole time I was driving away from the cemetery. I began to feel better once I was out of New York and listening to a Puccini opera as I drove home to Pennsylvania. When I looked at the pics after I got home, I noticed some weird "orbs" or water marks or whatever in one of the pictures. I took 2 shots of the same view and one of them has these "orbs" and one of them does not. Strange. Who knows what it is? Could it be John's spirit making himself known and "encouraging" me to leave?


  1. Most likely the reason you were stared at so intensely is for the fact that on THAT particular level IS kinda private.There are some VERY peculiar people entombed on that level and in that area.They know outsiders. Also in THAt particular cemetery is very unique with it's residence as well.

  2. been there and seen the tomb as well as many other famous mobsters interred in that cemetery. thankfully nobody has been there when I have gone to see it