Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAUSOLEUM OF CHARLES "LUCKY" LUCIANO - St. John's Cemetery, Middle Village, New York

Yes, inside this stately and beautiful mausoleum is entombed one of America's most notorious gangsters, Charles "Lucky" Luciano. Anybody with a sliver of interest in the Mafia or organized crime in the United States knows who Lucky Luciano was. He was the founder of the "Commission"and headed up the bloody "Murder, Inc." of the organized crime underworld. Many people pass this mausoleum by not knowing the name "Lucania" which is inscribed on the outside. Lucania was Luciano's real last name. Another fine example of a cemetery mausoleum. It is interesting to note that several other famous mobsters are buried in this cemetery, not to mention one of the most famous modern mobsters, the "Teflon Don" himself, John Gotti. I will post his grave pic one of these days, but in the meantime, FUHGIDABOUTIT!!!!

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  1. I have visited St. John Cemetery a few times. I got stared at and EVEN followed at times.