Saturday, May 15, 2010

TOMBSTONES & GRAVES OF DUANE ALLMAN AND BERRY OAKLEY - Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia

No doubt the most visited graves in Rose Hill Cemetery are those of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley of The Allman Brothers Band. While I was photographing other graves in the cemetery a car came up to me with 3-4 persons wanting desperately to know where "Duane's and Berry's graves are." Later on that same day when I was preparing to leave, another car barrelled through the entrance and I knew immediately where it was heading.
I confess that I know very little about Duane Allman, Berry Oakley or their music. But my brother, Matt, is a fan and was greatly interested when I told him I visited these graves and photographed them. As you can see from the landscaping of the burial plots, photographing the graves is not easy. Much plant growth inhibits clear pictures of the stones and this is evidenced by my only being able to get a clear shot of Duane's grave and not Oakley's. Further, the graves are located in a remote and "sectioned off" area of the cemetery. But the location is very peaceful and the stones are interesting. Being a music lover, I especially like the notes surrounding Duane's tombstone, probably from one of the Allman Brothers Band's songs.

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