Saturday, June 5, 2010

TOMB OF RAPHAEL - The Pantheon, Rome, Lazio, ITALY

The Great Raphael Sanzio is buried in the marvelous Pantheon in Rome. His art and talent was rivaled only by the other great Renaissance artists, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Among the masterpieces painted by Raphael are the "Raphael Rooms" in the Papal Palace in Vatican City (now part of the Vatican Museums), "Deposition of Christ," "Deliverance of Saint Peter" and the "Transfiguration," which remained unfinished at his death. At his request, his body was immediately interred in The Pantheon upon his death in 1520 (at only age 37) and it has remained there ever since. Pope Gregory XVI had the tomb opened in 1833 to verify the existence of Raphael's remains. They were indeed verified and the Pontiff gave as a gift the marble sarcophagus that the casket now resides in. It has the inscription in Latin, "Here lies Raphael, by whom Nature feared to be outdone while he lived, and when he died, feared herself that she would die."

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