Friday, July 23, 2010

MAUSOLEUM OF SAM GIANCANA - Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, Cook County, IL

Sam Giancana was a Chicagoan well known for his ties to organized crime. He wielded considerable power in the world of organized labor as well as in entertainment and politics. For instance, when Giancana opened a hotel in Chicago known as the "Villa Venice," he booked none other than Frank Sinatra and his famous "Rat Pack" to attract patrons. Further, many people still believe it was Giancana (working through the Teamsters and with Ambassador Joseph Kennedy) who was responsible for the election of the Ambassador's son, Jack Kennedy, to the Presidency in 1960. Little did Sam know that Jack's Attorney General and brother, Bobby, would launch an all out crusade against organized crime in the United States. Unfortunately for Sam, after he got out of jail in the 1970's he was assassinated. I guess his former friends feared he might flip and become an informant, or perhaps we was being punished for helping get Jack and Bobby into power. Sorry for the second photo being so hard to see. Sam's crypt is the one in the middle. How I wish it were easier to photograph the inside of mausoleums!

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