Monday, July 19, 2010

TOMBSTONE OF WILLIAM B. - UNKNOWN SURNAME - Aulenbach's Cemetery, Mount Penn, Berks County, PA

The years and nature have not been too kind to this stone. As you can see, weather and the elements have virtually wiped away the inscription of the stone. All I could get was the gentleman's first name and middle initial, "William B." There is also inscribed a "Co" for a company he served in and there is a Union "GAR" marker next to the grave, which tells us this gentleman fought in the Civil War. There was also other information inscribed on the stone, probably an epitaph or maybe possibly some detail as to William's military service. The picture on the upper part of the stone caught my eye as I walked and I could not resist snapping a few photographs. I am guessing the picture is of a Knight or warrior in battle, signifying "William B.'s" military service.

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