Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TOMBSTONE OF MERCY CLARK - Clark Family Burying Ground, Southwest Harbor, Mount Desert Island, MAINE

The Clark Burying Ground literally appeared from around a bend as my wife and in-laws and I were traveling through Southwest Harbor yesterday. I could not help but jump out and snap some photographs. Clark Point is near this cemetery, so the Clark Family must have been an influential family in the history of Southwest Harbor. The tombstone of Mercy Clark, especially, was prominent among the stones because of the bright yellow moss which has been growing on the stone. It almost has spooky look to it. It's as if Mother Nature took a highlighter and highlighted the stone!

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  1. J.K. Del Collo

    Is this very near to the Claremont Hotel? Did you, by any chance, see a Clarence Clark headstone there? How about any Stanley's?

    Thank you,