Tuesday, June 10, 2014

GRAVE OF BETSEY CAMPBELL - Salisbury Cove Cemetery, Salisbury Cove, Mount Desert Island, ME

This is another interesting tombstone.  We know this is the tombstone of Betsey Campbell, the "B" in Campbell barely legible so as to ascertain the surname.  We also know that Betsey's mother's name is Margaret.  Unfortunately, the name of her father is gone, having been inscribed at the breaking point of this tombstone.  It also appears that Betsey's death date is inscribed on the bottom part of the stone and we could probably read it if the front part of the stone were to be pulled forward, but I did not touch the stone at all.  Of note is the comma used after Betsey's name, almost as if her tombstone inscription was written in prose.  It would be nice if this tombstone would someday be restored, but at least we know who is buried here.

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