Friday, June 20, 2014

TOMBSTONE OF EMELINE YOUNG - Salisbury Cove Cemetery, Salisbury Cove, Mount Desert Island, ME

A very simple and traditional stone.  The stone does look a but uneven around the curve and this could be from 124 years of age.  Mrs. Young also has a foot stone.  The inscription is clear and easily read.

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  1. I love this site.. Thank you for putting it up. I used to walk around graveyards in the Southeast...looking for soldiers from the Civil War and have actually found some from the 1600s.. Most people have forgotten how to explore.. and it is a shame. Graveyards are filled with history and I often try to imagine what it was like when a certain person from the say, 1700s, was buried. No paved roads, no cities with skyscrapers.. just a horse drawn buggy with the casket and everyone else on horseback...

    You have a great site.. and I hope you are still adding more graves.. I love the aged architecture the well to do had made.. It shows a part of America long forgotten..