Thursday, June 12, 2014

TOMBSTONE OF SAMUEL L STAFFORD - Salisbury Cove Cemetery, Salisbury Cove, Mount Desert Island, ME

A simple tombstone of a veteran from Maine who served in World War II.  The tombstone looks to be one that is furnished free of charge by the U.S. Veterans Administration.  It shows that Mr. Stafford served in the Navy during World War II and lived to be 64 years old.  This stone is at the extreme southern end of the cemetery underneath a series of bushes and also partially covered up by brush and overgrowth.  You can tell that this brush and overgrowth has done damage to the stone.  I had to duck under the bushes and pull brush and overgrowth away in order to take this picture.  I would think that in another 10 years or so this stone could very well be consumed by the brush and overgrowth and may be difficult to locate.  There is no medallion and no flag at this grave.  A shame for a member of "The Greatest Generation."

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