Monday, June 30, 2014

TOMBSTONE OF SARAH A. LISCOMB - Salisbury Cove Cemetery, Salisbury Cove, Mount Desert Island, ME

Yesterday we featured Gideon Liscomb's tombstone and today we have his wife, Sarah's tombstone.  It has the same raised and inscribed lettering as Gideon's, especially since it is a shared tombstone.  The Liscomb Family name is at the bottom center of the tombstone.  Strangely, Sarah's tombstone has the same hole and markings at the bottom of it as did Gideon's.  This hole is much more pronounced than the one on Gideon's tombstone.  This really looks like it was struck with something sharp and the eerie orange-red color coming from it looks like a wound, or almost like the tombstone is weeping.  I really hope this tombstone was not a victim of vandalism.

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